New Portable Player

My mobiBLU cube that has given me so much trouble over the last year and a half finally became too much trouble to keep using. When I mounted it and tried to move files to it from my iBook I’d get file errors. If I retried up to 10 times, eventually it would work. I […]

Here’s When I’m Getting the iPhone

Scoble asks where people are going to get an iPhone. I’m answering as if the question was “when”, because that’s more interesting to me. This is right in line with topics in the podcast I published today about how you spend your money, and has a very easy answer. I will use the same rule […]

Ebook Detractors Live On

Frequent correspondent Derek sent me this link to an article stating that ebooks are doomed. I suppose I could do some point by point contrarianism, but nine years after I left my job at Intel to go work at an ebook startup I just don’t have that much energy for a real comprehensive job of […]

Shuffle Swap

Yesterday afternoon, I plugged in my Shuffle to the iBook to refresh my listening content. It didn’t mount as a drive, it didn’t mount in iTunes and it didn’t flash as if it were recharging. I tried a few things like plugging it into a powered hub, plugging into every USB port on every computer […]

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Microsoft Music Slights Pocket PC

According to MS Mobiles, music downloaded from the new MS music service doesn’t play on Pocket PCs. Ouch, that sounds kind of like a spit in the face of all the millions of people who have been paying their $500 bucks for a PDA and staying in the Microsoft camp. Their suggestions are extreme but […]

Zaurus and Macs

I haven’t been posting much about the Zaurus lately. I’ve been busy and haven’t been doing anything beyond simple everyday stuff with it, so there hasn’t been much to talk about. Thanks to a passerby who left me some information in a writeback, I was informed that you do need a Compact Flash card to […]

Ebooks, E-ink, E-yawn

I link less to this slashdot item about an e-ink driven ebook reader and more to the discussion thread. Starting with the very first comment, you see all the same bullshit few remarks I always see in ebook conversations. It’s to the point where I can map out what people will say before they do, […]


Those of you arriving here from the recommendation at PalmAddicts, you might want to look at just the handhelds view of this blog. I appreciate the link in and the traffic and all but the luck of the draw is that I haven’t posted about the Zaurus that much in the last week. Not that […]

Geeks in Schaumburg

I’m in the Coffeehaus right now, blogging from the Zaurus over the wifi. We sure are a dorky lot. I’m understanding about 30% of what is being said. Hopefully I’ll be able to catch up. Also on:

Zaurus Users Meetup in Schaumburg

The Wisconsin/Illinois chapter of the Zaurus Users Group will be having a get together in Schaumburg this Sunday at 1 PM, according to this thread. The location will be the Coffeehaus at 209 W Golf Road (847 755 1233). The place has free wifi, which I’m pretty sure is why it was chosen. So, that’s […]

VGA Zaurus is Released

Several people have wrote or messaged me to let me know that the VGA resolution Zaurus 6000 models are now available. While it looks cool, and the bigger screen and better resolution are always a plus and onboard low power Wifi is turly wicked, it doesn’t look so cool to me as to be worth […]

More Linux Handhelds

Via correspondent Mike comes two more Linux based handhelds that I never would have known about without his heads up. Royal has the Linea LX coming out soon. It seems to have similar specs to the Zaurus (although lacking a few of the goodies I most like.) The nicest part is that it has a […]

Zaurus Package Feeds

I felt logey this weekend and not up to actually flashing my Zaurus ROM. I did install some of the packages from the Opie 1.0.3 feed though. I downloaded a random MPEG-4 video from the Internet Archive to see if I could play it. Neither the standed Sharp Media Player nor the Opie Player played […]

VGA Zaurus

I love it! Just by typing impressions of the Zaurus, it’s creating a crystallization point. People are mailing me cool things about them and leaving me writebacks and such. A correspondent named Mike who sends along this link to the Japanese announcement page for the Zaurus SL-6000, with VGA 640X480 resolution. It looks cool, but […]

Zaurus Wish List

I had a Zaurus brain flash this morning about what I really want out of it. Given that its role is as an information nexus with intermittent connectivity, I want lots of stuff centered around “storing and forwarding.” Rather than having the mail client that needs to sync to a desktop mail app or worse […]

Some Zaurus resources

I’m putting these up here as much as a reminder for myself as a help for others. I keep running across Zaurus pages and then forgetting about them. The Zaurus Zone Wiki Zaurus Time Sync, an all Zaurus blog Opie, the open handheld environment project Also on:


So I’ve been studying up on it and I’m going to flash my ROM to OpenZaurus. I’m a little trepidatious about the whole thing, but I will be doing it. While it is usable as it came out of the box from Sharp, I think this will make it closer to what I want. I […]

Zaurus Mac Syncing Sucks

First real big bummer of the Zaurus era, the state of syncing the 5600 to a Mac OS X box is shabby. I was able to get the USB networking working without that much problem but none of the syncing solutions I could find worked at all. I tried the Zaurus Mac Sync Sourceforge project […]

Big Z part umpty

After thinking I needed to install some rotation software on the Big Z, turns out that it is built into the IRK driver. Doh! I found a random reference to it in a webpage or I wouldn’t have even known that this functionality existed. All I had to do was to install the rotated fonts, […]

Pocketop Working

The next step in the path to getting the Zaurus how I want it has been taken. Thanks to Tim Wentford’s pointer I got the driver for my Pocketop keyboard installed and working fine. The trick here is to not go to Pocketop at all but Zaurus User Group. It’s worth noting that there are […]

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