Jaunty Jackalope Ruined My Life

OK, maybe that title is dramatic. It did ruin the last two work weeks for me, though. Over Memorial Day weekend, I upgraded my work laptop from Kubuntu Hardy Heron to Jaunty Jackalope. That was a maneuver I instantly regretted when I got to work on Tuesday and my second monitor would not work no […]

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Gutsy Gibbon

On my work laptop (a Dell Inspiron 9400), I had been running Feisty Fawn Ubuntu. I thought it kind of sucked, and my wifi card had not worked since I upgraded past Dapper. Enough stuff was beginning to break that I was willing to just stick in a CD and reinstall. What I hadn’t realized […]

Dapper to Edgy

I’m extremely conservative when it comes to upgrading OS’s on my work-a-day machines. That’s why I never upgraded my iBook from 10.3, since I was earning my living on it when 10.4 came out. For similar reasons, I dragged my feet on upgrading my work laptop from Ubuntu Dapper to Edgy. Last night I bit […]

Rhythmbox v. Amarok

I’m approaching 6 months of use of Ubuntu on the Dell Inspiron 9400 at work. I remain completely digging on it, and I have shocked more than one person by suggesting that I find this a pretty comparable substitute for my iBook. If that burst in flames tomorrow, I wouldn’t find moving to an Inspiron […]

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Screen Play

For the longest time, this is always one of the first things I do when I set up an account on a Unix box on which I will ever be running screen. I add this to my .bashrc file: # Change the prompt if screen is active if [ “$WINDOW” != “” ]; then PS1=”S:$WINDOW […]


Rather than continuing to blog apologies for things I have failed to do, I’m going to go ahead and write in the positive about something I am doing and enjoying. At work when I walked in the first day, I was handed a Dell Inspiron 9400 – a really nice laptop. I was also given […]

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Start Me Up

Here is a very interesting Linux project called upstart which aims to replace the way all processes are started and stopped on the system. This would supercede init, cron, inetd and anything that needs to control a running process based on criteria. Upstart would be event based, so that all of cron’s functionality is a […]

The Power of Open Source

One of the things I want to blog about is my adventures setting up my work computer. It is a really sweet machine, a Dell Inspiron 9400. It has the widescreen resolution, and they bought me a second monitor so we wanted to get it running in dual head mode. Of course, the very first […]

Debian and Crashes

Hmmm, I seem to be making headway understanding the instability of my Linux box. Now that I have Debian on there, when it crashed today it had something about a frame overrun in eth0 sitting on the desktop. Maybe when I was thinking all the issues were being caused by the hard drive, they were […]

Trying out Debian

After a day of work, I’m getting back to business on the Linux box. I was getting too worried that the instability and disk corruptions were going to result in me losing a lot of work, so I put another different hard drive in the box. I didn’t wipe the old one and have it […]