Mac VLC Might End

Via Thomas Gideon comes this bad news that a lack of OS X developers on the VLC project might mean that project ceasing on this platform. That would truly bum me out as I’m a user of VLC on my Mac Book. I’ve found it to be the one player that never chokes on any […]


Time Machine

Earlier today I bought a Maxtor OneTouch 4 500 GB external drive. I have a LaCie external, but it is smaller than the hard drive of my MacBook so I needed a little more juice than that. My original plan was to plug it in, make a bootable Super Duper backup and then proceed. However, […]

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I Have a MacBook

Last weekend we went to Raleigh for a long weekend of just getting out of our day to day lives for a bit. While there we ate food and shopped for things we can’t get at home. One of the biggest (in terms of excitement and cash) was a new MacBook for me. I had […]

MacPorts Woes

I have been interested in the Gimp for a while but every time I fire it up, I’m intimidated by the whole thing. I’ve never used Photoshop so either program freaks me out. That’s why I have subscribed to the excellent Meet the Gimp vidcast. Given all that, I was excited about the possibilties of […]

Party Like It’s 2005

Later this afternoon, I’m planning on upgrading to Mac OS X 10.4. That isn’t a typo, I am still running 10.3 here. I can never remember which cat any release is and I don’t really care. I can tell without thinking about it that 10.4 is newer than 10.2 but it takes a lot of […]

Leopard Early?

Here’s a rumor I hope is true: Apple’s upgrade to OS X codenamed Leopard (10.5) may be early. It’s promised for spring, and coming in early next month would be fine with me. I’m waiting for it with bated breath because I never upgraded from 10.3 to 10.4 but I will do this one. At […]

Stress Relief

Here’s a bit of advice for you Apple laptop users. If the little bit of stress relief rubber at the charging tip ever breaks off or comes loose, fix it immediately. I did not, and I’m paying the price. In a few weeks, the charger went from perfect to barely usable. I have to fiddle […]

High Tech Old School

Whenever I use Audio Hijack Pro (of which I am a proud paid customer and give my highest recommendation), I always use the VU Meter plugin. Maybe this is my radio background showing in the romanticization of old affordances, but watching that needle bounce to the right and into the red is infinitely more satisfying […]

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Memory Aid

I’ve had this iBook for approaching two years now, and I’ve been using it to do both almost everything for my day job plus my personal stuff for a year and a half. It came with 256M RAM, and early on I added another 512M. In my day to day work I frequently am running […]

NetNewsWire Crashing

Is anyone else experiencing frequent crashes of NetNewsWire? From the crash reporter stuff, it appears to do with a Flash Player Plugin thing. On certain items in my list, when it attempts to render them the app crashes. It used to be fairly infrequent, now it’s about once a day. Whether that has to do […]


Mac Geek Gab Comes Through

I’ve been listening to the Mac Geek Gab podcast since the beginning because of my relationship with the same guys with the iPod Observer (and Backbeat Media as well.) This morning, they just fixed a problem for me. I’m sort of suprised, in a good way. My desktop OS X box, an old 400 MHz […]

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iPodderX Version 3

I’ve been using this for a while, so long in fact that to be honest I forget what all features are new since 2.2.9. I can say that iPodderX 3 is a huge step up and it is now released into the wild. I’ve been sworn to secrecy on the feature set, but it is […]

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Adium X

Getting old sucks. A few hours ago I ran across a reference to Adium, a multi-protocol chat client. I have been using Fire on the Mac. I installed it, but now I can’t even remember how I found this thing. Aaaaanyway. Because we use Lotus Notes and the Sametime IM for work, I haven’t been […]

Boned Again by Audacity

Tonight I recorded and edited the episode with the first part of the Paul Melancon interview. I exported it to the AIFF, listened to it, and big portions of the vocal track .. just … weren’t … there. This is the last straw. I appreciate the program’s existence but my time is just too scarce […]

Mac OS X Defragmenting

I’ve never needed a defrag program for one of my Macs before, but this constantly recording and filling up my hard drive is producing noticeable degradation of disk performance. What tools are good for this thing? Keep an eye towards the value/price ratio. Are there good free ones? I see that Micromat has one that […]

Shuffle Review

Here’s a review of the iPod Shuffle that mirrors my experience. Lack of display, no problem. Tiny and light and ubiquitous, good. Also on:


From Adam Curry’s Weblog comes this post about podcast audio routing: The quest, was to create a setup, without external boxes, whereby you can record voice, mp3 players (or any audio application for that matter) and another person via iChatAV (works with AIM on windows). The other party also has to be able to hear […]

One Step Beyond

I’ve taken one step towards moving totally to NetNewsWire as my aggregator. I took Shrook out of my selection bar on the bottom. I got tired of hitting it by accident and invoking it, causing the iBook to noticeably lug as it does its huge initial load resource draw. Since my main complaint with Shrook […]


Via Cult of Mac comes this link: Grady Booch, UML guru and IBM fellow, is dropping IBM products because he wants a Microsoft-free computing environment. He says: I’ve decided to make the move to a Microsoft-free computing environment, having tired of the time I spend on the care and feeding of XP as compared to […]


It’s been suggested to me that what I really need for getting audio into this Mac is an iMic. After looking at the page, I have to say that I agree with that. It would be great to actually hook up my real microphones and mike stands and use them to record the audioblogs. I’d […]

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