Enclosures plugin

For those of you who have been looking for the Blosxom enclosures plugin that I use to drive my audioblog, it has now been cleaned up and released by Keith Irwin. He’s submitted it to the Blosxom plugin registry, so it should be there soon. Thanks, Keith! Also on:

Comment Spammers Walk the Earth

I was sitting here working on the laptop when I got a big wad of email. It was the writeback system here telling me I got a comment, 6 of them. By examing them, I could see they were all comment spam. Since I had installed the Blosxom port of the MT anti-spam plugin I […]

Blosxom Writeback Vulnerability

My high school buddy Kevin forwards along a reference to a vulnerability in the Blosxom writeback plugin. The advisory is on insufficient HTML validation to strip out malicious script code. However, I’m not sure what version of writeback they are looking at because by a visual inspection what I have doesn’t have this problem. They […]

Technorati Plugin Works!

This perhaps isn’t the best blog to test my Technorati plugin because I don’t have a whole lot of inbound links and what I do have are fairly static. However, today because of the trackback I left earlier Ernest Miller’s blog popped onto my list and was duly represented. Nice! I hadn’t thought about it […]

Technorati Plugin Working

So far so good, the Technorati cosmos plugin seems to be working just fine. It is correctly refreshing the cache every 6 hours. If only I had a more active cosmos, I could see things moving around and changing in there. For a jaunt, I tried pointing the URL at the beta of the new […]

Technorati Cosmos Blosxom Plugin

I took a wag at a blosxom plugin that assembles the list of a blog’s Technorati cosmos. Other blogging packages have had this for a while and it is generally pretty simple to do, so why shouldn’t blosxom? On the bottom of the right rail should be my cosmos, which should get updated every six […]

Page Titler 0.2 Released

Page Titler 0.2 is now available for download. This is the version that keeps the titles per request URL. No longer is there just a single title for everything, you can have different titles on the day pages, on the writeback pages, etc. It will always be based on the top story in that particular […]

Page Titler 0.2

I’ve made some modifications to my page_titler plugin. Before, it would act upon only the main unqualified page. It had some funky logic to skip what it was doing if this was a page view or a category view or something, but that never seemed to work quite right anyway. Loading the page of recent […]

Blosxom Date Problem Fixed

With a little digging in code, I found out why my blosxom dates were screwing up. This morning was particularly bad, in that the first entry said “Wednesday March 10”, the second said “Thursday, March 11” and the third was back to the 10th. I’ve long suspected there was a timezone issue in here, because […]

Date Problem with Blosxom

There’s a problem I’m having with blosxom right now. It’s a low level annoyance, not so important to be a jet scrambler but it really has been irking me. If I make a post in the evening (my home and the server are both in US Central time), it will appear as the correct day […]


Fletcher Penney has rewritten and expanded the functionality of the blosxom writeback plugin with his writebackplus. He says it should be a drop-in replacement for writeback, seewritebacks and recentwritebacks. So far so good. He purports it to have better handling of the combined email/url field that so bedevils writeback leavers, records IP addresses, has anti-spam […]


I’ve been working with this for a while and it has been running on my weblog for two weeks now. No sense in stalling any more, here is version 0.1 of page_titler! This is a simple plugin that will look at the top story in the unqualified (ie, main page) of the weblog, cache it […]