Bug in 0.3

Several people have pointed out to me that there is a bug in get_enclosures 0.3 where you can get a divide by zero error on a download that happens fast enough that will come down in the same second. People are getting this running get_enclosures against my bittorrent RSS feed. I’ll release an update to […]

Release Management

I can see that I need to do something about the get_enclosures release management. Yesterday the 0.2 version was downloaded 50 times, while the 0.3 was downloaded 11 times. That’s not good, so I really need to do something ASAP. I guess in the short term, I’ll just remove the links to old versions and […]

get_enclosures 0.3

Here is an updated release of get_enclosures. I have freely stolen AppleScript snippets from Ray Slakinski’s pyPodder to improve my iTunes integration. Now, iTunes will stay in the back if it is being newly started or will stay where it is if it is already running. Also, the feeds.txt file is no longer in the […]

I Hate Applescript, I Need Help

I love most things about Macs, but I completely freaking hate Applescript. I’ve been trying to add to get_enclosures functionality someone had suggested, the ability to add the URLs from an RSS enclosure feed to a playlist as something to stream rather than download. That sounds simple enough, but after 30 minutes of farting around […]

get_enclosures 0.2

Here’s an updated 0.2 release of the get_enclosures script. Added is the more robust caching mechanism based on the dates in the RSS item tag. This release will write out two M3U playlists in every directory that it downloads new files for, one alphabetical and one in reverse chronological order. This allows for ease of […]


Pete Prodoehl has done a script much like get_enclosures called renko. I downloaded it and it worked well. It’s easier to install than mine because he includes all the modules you need in his distribution, so if that’s an issue with you by all means go get renko. He also points out in a post […]

Changing the Caching Mechanism

I’m going to change the way the caching for the files works in get_enclosures. The way it works now is that when a file is downloaded, the current timestamp is saved. Before a file is downloaded, it is checked to see if there exists a timestamp for it. If so, it is not downloaded. I […]

iPodder for Windows

Via a comment, Pieter Overbeeke informs me that he has a script for downloading files and controlling iTunes for Windows XP available! This does the same stuff as get_enclosures or iPodder on the Mac, by getting the files and also adding them to the iTunes library. In the shower this morning, I was wondering if […]

Multiplatform it is!

I let the updated get_enclosures script run overnight on a Windows box with Active Perl installed, and it worked just fine. Right on! There were a few minor issues, but the files all came down, so that’s good. I tried to test it against Cygwin’s version of Perl but couldn’t get the modules installed. I […]

get_enclosures version 0.1

Here is the updated version of get_enclosures, version 0.1. The zip now includes a changes.txt which covers the differences from the previous version. It now is no longer dependent on Mac::AppleScript, which means it will run without alteration on Linux or Cygwin, etc (it still depends on XML::Simple and LWP). It caches the RSS time […]

get_enclosures Category

Since this is taking off, and a little faster than I expected, I am creating a category for this on the blog. From here on forward, I’m posting everything about it in this category. I do ask everyone that uses this to, if you don’t subscribe to the whole blog RSS here, to at least […]