Ustreaming Tonight, March 2nd at 8:30 PM Eastern

Tonight and for the near future, I’ll be live on Ustream Monday nights at 8:30 PM Eastern time. Most nights I will be recording episodes of the podcast in that time slot but tonight I’ll be shooting a video of me unboxing and setting up my comic book drawer boxes that just arrived today. If […]

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The Death of Online Video

Ninja boy Kent Nichols posted another of his periodic attention getting link bait articles (mission accomplished, sir) titled “Is Online Video Dead?” I think the first “podcasting is dead” article I saw was in April of 2005 and they’ve been coming ever since. This whole line of thinking used to depress me but now it […]

Vlog Archeology

After a few weeks of fiddling with the Zune, I have cleared my vlog backlog for the time period from August to the present. When I finished watching those episodes, I started pulling in old files I’ve been saving on my external hard drive. Over the last few days I have imported all the files […]

Ask A Ninja + LonelyGirl15 = Less than the Sum of Its Parts

I have watched Ask a Ninja from the beginning, and I am a fan. I think some shows are more hilarious and some are less hilarious, but I have never known them to not bring the funny. That is – until today. Catching up on my videos at lunch, I watched the episode where they […]

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How to Make a Living in New Media

I saw Mike Geoghegan’s post about making a living as a podcast consultant. He is keying off of what Chris Brogan said, and also cites Todd Cochrane’s volley into this match. I’ll put in my tiny entry, and try to do it better than when I had almost the same go-round with Kris Smith a […]

Grand Strand Blogger Meetup NEW DAY – This Sunday

I pulled the plug on the original date for the Grand Strand Blogger meetup because for one I had dog care issues and for another, it was unbearably poor form to hold it on Father’s Day. Even though no one seemed to mind, I just didn’t like the idea so we scooched it one week […]


Ourmedia RSS

For some time, the RSS feeds at Ourmedia were broken. I saw this from doing cleanup on non-responsive feeds at AmigoFish as well as at my own vlog. It had been in the back of my mind to email JD Lasica and ask him if this was temporary, permanent or what was up. Over the […]


You Tube Confession

When you IM me your links to YouTube videos, I don’t look at them. When you embed them in your blog posts, I don’t click them. Even when you tell me that they are the most fantastic thing ever, I don’t do it. I hate the interface, I hate the shitty resolution and frame rate […]

Kubrick Quotes

Via Signal V. Noise comes this page of Stanley Kubrick quotes, including this one that presages our new media landscape: Perhaps it sounds ridiculous but the best thing that young filmmakers should do is to get hold of a camera and some film and make a movie of any kind at all. If you are […]

Scoble On the Rampage

There’s an interesting debate heating up over at the Scobleizer. Scoble took some people (Engadget specifically) to task for not linking to him on his scoop about the new Intel fab and technology, choosing instead to link to the New York Times story of the same. On the one hand, it’s hard to feel sorry […]


Amanda’s Next Step

I just got an email from Amanda Congdon that talks about what she’s doing next, working for the online component of ABC News and doing a show for HBO. Wow! Her Amanda Unboomed video about it is right here. Congratulations Amanda! Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadAlso on:

Thoughts Which Must Not Be Spoken Aloud

So now that the Ze Frank furor seems to be about over, it strikes me that there is one commonality in most of the comments I received from the true fen. Fans of Ze Frank seem to not believe it possible that I can find the show disposable. Sorry kids, it’s true. It’s funny, but […]

Insomnia Film Festival

Apple is sponsoring a contest for college students to create a film in 24 hours called the Insomnia Film Festival. The grand prize is a copy of Final Cut Pro and an 80G video iPod. I went to look at the terms and conditions to see how odious they were, expecting the worst. I was […]

Ze Frank vs. Rocketboom

Andrew Baron posted his end of an odd vidcast argument that Ze Frank started here. Chris Brogan comments on that episode as David Berlind does as well, although Berlind is not addressing the Rocketboom diss but the TV networks diss. Having watched the show, I think his attack is milder than I was expecting from […]

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Kirby Puckett Remembered in the Lens of October Ball

Two threads intersect in this post. I’ll try to tie them together as neatly as I can. 1 – I’m actually more enthused about this baseball post-season than many of the last decade. In a strange way, having the Braves never get in it changed my expectations and experience. Rather than watching them lose in […]

Security Hookup

This is the post that precipitated the previous rules post. There is a local Myrtle Beach firm that is releasing a computer security video and audio podcast that I like a lot. It is the Security Hookup. Joe, the guy that does it is the first geek I met in the Grand Strand, and was […]


Say It Ain’t So

Now that I’m working out of the house, I don’t see a lot of blogosphere stuff and email until the end of the day. That’s why I didn’t see this bit about Amanda leaving Rocketboom until just now. I watched the video and like Doug Kaye, I really wanted it to be a hoax. An […]


Vloggercon Feed?

Man, there are so many people at Vloggercon that I’d love to be hanging out with. C’est la vie, c’est la morte. One thing that I with they had – an RSS enclosure feed of videos about Vloggercon. I’d subscribe. I just got this one down in Chris Daniel’s feed, but I’d subscribe to a […]


Vloggercon Sold Out

… in the good way, of course. I would really have liked to have gone to Vloggercon. I was offered the shot at presiding over a session on the conjunction of podcasting and vlogging and I’d have dug doing it, but I just can’t do all these things. I only have so many trips to […]


Video Sad Sack

I must be the saddest possible entrant in Videoblogging Week. I actually didn’t even notice until it was over this thing about doing it daily, I didn’t even hear about it at all until it was halfway over. For me, getting a single vlog published during the week was a lot. However, my published vlog […]

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