Shut Down

I’m decommissioning a server box that I’ve had for 5 years now. It’s kind of a scary proposition. I’m downloading the final backup just before shutting it down for good. I probably have several gigabytes of worthless crap, but it is worth it if it saves some 4 KB file that turns out to be […]

Coffee Break’s Over, Back On Your Head

After the worthwhile insanity of CREATE South and then the less fun insanity of the day job and home repair, there has not been much blogging here in almost a month. Add to that the server woes of recent days, and everything has been underproductive and overdramatic. If you can see this post, that means […]

Moving Again

I was warned about DreamHost and I didn’t listen. After this blog being effectively down for the last 4 days, I have pulled the plug on DreamHost. At least the service took a dump for me a few days before my 97 day guarantee was up, not after. More later, right now I’m worn out […]

New Media and Journalism, Round 127

Here’s an interesting post from Dan Conover in which he riffs on some Tweets of mine about new media and the press. My original impetus for writing those tweets was my cynicism and disbelief of any “received wisdom” about our election and primary. When any talking head on TV makes a statement about something that […]

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First WordPress 2.5 Impressions

So far so good on the WordPress upgrade and host migration. Ideally, one would be doing these things in smaller, more manageable pieces rather than all at once, but I had no choice. Once WP 2.5 was released, I no longer had the option of installing an older version with the Dreamhost installer so I […]


What’s my blog readability?

Via Ben  on Twitter I saw this link to the blog readability test. I did it, went to copy the badge and noticed a link at the bottom to some cash advance text link. Are you kidding me? Was that a mistake or is critics rant really trying to pull some kind of scumbaggy fast […]

New Tagline

I changed my tagline/subtitle based on a spontaneous remark I made at the bar last night. The motto of this blog is now “Defy the Zeitgeist”. I think we are also going to print up t-shirts for it. Also on:

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ConvergeSouth Eve

I’m engaging in the ritual I pretty much always do the night before I go to any sort of blogging or new media conference: I’m doing laundry. Isn’t that what everyone does? I see that Dan Conover is “crogging”, ie cramming by trying to read the blogs of lots of other attendees. Will he be […]

Blogging in Busy Times

Fellow Grand Strand blogger Andre muses about his light blogging when his day job is crushing him. I’m right there with you brother. When I look back at my posts over the last few months, it’s way heavy with tiny trivial quick hits. I really prefer to once a week at the very least stretch […]

Let’s Get Together and Feel Alright

Later today, I’ll be getting together with some of my compatriot Myrtle Beach area bloggers at the Liberty Taproom for our periodic meetup. If you want to come, there is still time. It looks like around 8 or so people have RSVP’d so our attendance trend is upward as you’d hope it would be. Next […]

Where Else I Blog

You’d think as nonprolific as I’ve been on this blog lately, I wouldn’t need other blogs to spread myself thin upon but there are some out there nonetheless. I’ve been doing some work trying to get the group blog Grand Strand Bloggers kickstarted. Roger Yale posted there a few days ago, officially making it not […]

Myrtle Beach Blogger Meetup

Don’t forget, you Grand Strand area new media aficionados: we are having another Grand Strand blogger meetup this Saturday at the Liberty Taproom. More details here, and if you are coming or even just thinking about coming please leave an RSVP comment on that post. We have a whole blog there just for the blogging […]


For much of the last two months, I’ve been so busy that blogging has been something that has been deferred or intermittent. This weekend that is not the case but I found that I had so much stuff I wanted to write and talk about and even discuss in podcasts that it kind of froze […]

Weekly Surge and Grand Strand Bloggers

Last week I talked to Roger Yale for the local paper The Weekly Surge. It is the Myrtle Beach version of the Creative Loafing style outfit. We talked about the day job, about podcasting and blogging and the like. Out of a 30 minute conversation, he wrote 1200 works and that will probably get cut […]

Anatomy of a Joke Gone Wrong

Chuck Olsen dissects the timeline of him making a joke that was then taken seriously by people (including me.) I saw Andrew Baron’s original post, and made a post that basically said “WTF?” About an hour later I reread Drew’s post and noticed that it originated from a Twitter, at which point I posted an […]

Welcome Back, Domain Name

That was all I needed. Apparently either GoDaddy hasn’t been emailing notices about the expiration of my domain name or I haven’t been getting them because until I got an email from Garrick Van Buren over my lunch hour, I had no idea that had expired on 7/26. Yikes! When it hit that 5 […]

Thoughts on Selling Out

My motto on selling out is an old chestnut on this blog and podcast by now. For the record it is “There is no such thing as selling out, only selling too cheap.” In my most recent podcast I played the clip of Henry Rollins on the subject which has fleshed out my thinking some. […]

Dogs and Podcasts

Sometimes Google Ads are really good at catching the gestalt of a blog. As I loaded up the page to look at Mike Dunn’s recent comment on a dog post, this is what I saw. Dogs and podcasts. Yep, that’s pretty much what my last week has been. Also on:

Grand Strand Blogger Meetup NEW DAY – This Sunday

I pulled the plug on the original date for the Grand Strand Blogger meetup because for one I had dog care issues and for another, it was unbearably poor form to hold it on Father’s Day. Even though no one seemed to mind, I just didn’t like the idea so we scooched it one week […]


Another Blogger Down In a Drive-By

I follow Jesus’ General regularly, which does in blogospheric fashion the same schtick as Stephen Colbert, ironically making fun of conservatives by trying to be a hyper-extreme version of them. A few days ago, he made this post that references

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