Create South Audio Promo

Here is a downloadable audio promo for the Create South conference. It is Creative Commons licensed Attribution, which is more or less impossible to use without attributing it since the promo is its own attribution. For those of you friendly to our project, if you’d throw this in your own podcasts or even just your […]


*-Camps vs Conferences

Eric Rice rethinks the whole *-Camp thing. His suggestions are goofy and for comedic effect but you know, they aren’t miles away from the thinking behind Create South. From the very first conversation I ever had about it, I knew I wanted it to be more doing things and less talking about doing things. The […]


The day job has been highly busy and the rest of life more so lately. We took a few days and went to Raleigh and just hung out, ate at restaurants we don’t have here and shopped at stores we don’t have here. I walked out with a new black MacBook. I’ve upgraded the laptop […]

CreateSouth, New Media Conference in Myrtle Beach April 19th

OK kids, registration for the CreateSouth conference is open for business! The conference is April 19th from 9 to 5 PM in downtown Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. All attendees are invited, whether you live and breath new media or are interested but slightly frightened by it. If you are a professional journalist or a politician […]

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Name our Conference Round Two

Many thanks to all of you who suggested names for the Myrtle Beach conference. They have been whittled into a shortlist, and now it is time to enter the nomenclature gladiator arena. Please go and vote for your favorite, and you are welcome to vote whether or not you plan on attending. Let’s turn this […]

Myrtle Beach Blogging Conference is Go

We decided that we want to hold the conference next spring, and that even if 20 people show up we’ll consider that a success for the first year that we can build on. Our first order of business is to name the conference so we can start to do all the other things like set […]


Myrtle Beach Blogger Conference Get Together TONIGHT, 11/29

For those if you in the Myrtle Beach area who are willing to get together and discuss the possibility of us holding a blogging/new media/technology conference this spring, we are meeting at the Liberty Beer Garden at Broadway at the Beach tonight at 5:30 PM. We need to make a go/no go decision soon and […]

Conferences: Doing vs Talking

Eric Rice puts his finger on something that bothers me as well. Since 2004 I’ve been to a number of bloggy/podcasty/new media type conferences. I went to Bloggercon 2004, 2 of the 3 ConvergeSouths, 2 of the 3 Podcast/New Media Expos, and Orycon (a science fiction convention at which I also impaneled on blogging.) I […]

A Blog/Podcasting/New Media Conference in Myrtle Beach?

Several years ago, I came home from the BloggerCon in Palo Alto and mused on this blog about holding a blog conference in the Myrtle Beach area. I got a lot of interest, enough so that it wigged me out a little because it meant that I’d have to really do it right. At the […]


A Typical ConvergeSouth Conversation

PICT0393.JPG Originally uploaded by firelace Ruby: I’m still waiting for the sensible part to kick in. Me: I’m not convinced, which is why I am not only making a face but projecting a protective energy beam of skepticality around my body. Ed: Hey, if you don’t like it what are y’all going to do about […]

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Heading Home

I’m packed up and about to vacate the Hampton Inn for the pleasant confines of home. I’ve got to get back to my dog and take him to the Bark Park, and there is a game 7 in the ALCS and all the normal things I would do in your average weekend. This time driving […]

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Converge South, Day 2, Evening

Late afternoon, and it was back to downtown Greensboro from the hotel in the suburbs. Through some freak of parking karma, I got the parking spot right in front of the film festival venue. I would later betray myself as unworthy of this. Our hosted dinner was right across the street, so it really couldn’t […]

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New Tagline

I changed my tagline/subtitle based on a spontaneous remark I made at the bar last night. The motto of this blog is now “Defy the Zeitgeist”. I think we are also going to print up t-shirts for it. Also on:

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ConvergeSouth Day 2, Lunch and Afternoon

Lunch was good. I sat outside with Bora Zivkovic and Ed Cone and Dan Conover and we talked more about blogging (of course) and hands on portion of these conferences vs. talkety talkety talk. I made a point of introduction myself to Soni Pitts by telling her “I like the cut of your jib.” Apparently, […]

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ConvergeSouth Day 2, Morning

Up at 8 AM, an hour behind schedule. I still made it out of the hotel and to the conference by 8:50 AM. I love being a guy! I’m in the Elisa Camahort keynote now. She asked if anyone had heard of Millie Garfield, and I didn’t recognize the name off the bat but when […]

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ConvergeSouth, Day 1, Evening and Late Night

Running late. In at 1 AM + phone call from work at 5 AM = sleepy boy not getting up on schedule. Still trying to make the conference before the breakfast is over. Shower like the wind, Forest! I did take the nap and then headed out to the BBQ at the Hoggard’s house in […]

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ConvergeSouth, Day 1, Lunch and Afternoon

Lunch was fun. I chatted with Ben Hwang for a long time, and saw my friend from Virginia Robert Harvey. I sat with Don Moore and talked for a while. Don is the guy who made the t-shirt order that pushed me over the edge of needing to reprint. After lunch, I wanted to go […]

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Converge South, Day 1, Morning

I’m here. I meant to get up at 4 AM and on the road by 5:30 AM but I slept until 4:50 and didn’t leave until about 6 AM. Still, I managed to get to the NC A&T campus, parked, registered and in the Jason Calacanis talk by 9:30. Had I got up on schedule, […]

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