I Need DIY/Maker Suggestions for Newbie Resources

I am interested in learning more about stripping down junk electronics for maker/DIY projects. For example, I know you can reclaim the stepper motors out of printers and use them in a variety of projects. Can anyone point to a good comprehensive resource on how to reclaim the reclaimable out of ones old electronic junk? […]

A Little Food Based Making

I’m a charter subscriber of Make Magazine, I follow Bre Pettis’ videoblogs for the site, etc. This may be more Craft than Make, but I did a food based Maker project tonight. Following a link provided by my wife, I found this guide to making bird feeders from stale bagels. At my work they buy […]

Hide Your Clutter

Here’s a cool idea that I’m thinking about doing myself. It appeals to the 10 year old kid in me, with the idea that by making my clutter not obviously visible my bedroom was clean. Via Makezine comes this link to a hiding your desk clutter underneath it. One thing I love about the Maker […]