I Need DIY/Maker Suggestions for Newbie Resources

I am interested in learning more about stripping down junk electronics for maker/DIY projects. For example, I know you can reclaim the stepper motors out of printers and use them in a variety of projects. Can anyone point to a good comprehensive resource on how to reclaim the reclaimable out of ones old electronic junk? I have an ever growing assortment of old broken computers, wifi access points, printers and the like. The Make Magzine/maker movement has played into the worst aspects of my pack rat personality and now always puts the “Hey, don’t pitch that as there might be something usable” bug in my ear.

In my effort to de-crapify my life, I have decided that I want most of this stuff out of my house and my life. I’m still generally interested in doing some passes of stripping out the most usable stuff before passing it on, probably to the Best Buy in Myrtle Beach with their recycle program. I’d love to see some sort of absolute beginners guide to what to do first. Failing that, I guess my next step is to write the monkey fighting thing, if one doesn’t exist, right? Isn’t that how DIY works?

Thanks for any advice.

A Little Food Based Making

I’m a charter subscriber of Make Magazine, I follow Bre Pettis’ videoblogs for the site, etc. This may be more Craft than Make, but I did a food based Maker project tonight. Following a link provided by my wife, I found this guide to making bird feeders from stale bagels. At my work they buy us bagels every Monday morning. By the end of the week, we usually have some stale ones available. In about 5 minutes of work, I took a stale bagel, covered it in the peanut butter and seeds, and hung it off a broken coat hanger in the tree near our bird feeder. I’m planning on making another one tomorrow and hanging it on the fence at work where I can see it from my office window. I shot footage of the process of making it and perhaps I’ll post a short little vlog about it. The one I make tomorrow will use a bit of twine rather than the coat hanger. Now we need to see if the birds and squirrels like it.

Hide Your Clutter

Here’s a cool idea that I’m thinking about doing myself. It appeals to the 10 year old kid in me, with the idea that by making my clutter not obviously visible my bedroom was clean. Via Makezine comes this link to a hiding your desk clutter underneath it.

One thing I love about the Maker stuff is that almost every one of these projects I see includes the budget with it as part of the rationale for pursing this thing. For this project, it’s $33.42.