Let’s recap my history with OnePlus:

  • In July 2017 I bought a OnePlus 5
  • It was a lemon, within the first hour it rebooted 5 times, 20+ the first day.
  • I sent it back and it took them 4 months to acknowledge and refund me
  • YESTERDAY they sent me an email titled “We’d like to hear your voice for your recent experience”.

OnePlus, be careful what you ask for. You are going to hear my voice.

Party Foul

I am generally pretty chill at Chuck E Cheese’s but finding another family sitting at your table with your food, drinks and coats makes me lose my cool. What kind of maniac finds that acceptable?

LCHH for 2018-12-07

Today on Live Coding Happy Hour: Trying to put a commenting system on our blog that is statically generated via Hugo. Whether it works or not, it should be interesting! It’s how it goes here in the #ServiceNow developer program!

Dusseldorf Developer Meetup November 2018 First Developer Meetup in Düsseldorf next Tuesday, November 27. Meeting at the Christmas market so this is the kind of venue not many #ServiceNow meetups get. If you are close, you should go! RSVP and participate, meine Deutschen Fruende!

Tampa Dev Days If you are anywhere near Tampa FL, free #ServiceNow #DeveloperDays events on Dec 4 & 5. First day for new developers or new to platform, second for more challenging dev topics. Come join!

Pump it Up

I have a playlist on my phone called “Pump It Up”. When I am tired in travels, I play it loud on infinite repeat to dig deep.

Tina Turner – River Deep, Mountain High
Faces – Stay With Me
Cheap Trick – Too Much
Faces – Maybe I’m Amazed
Cat Stevens – The First Cut is the Deepest
John Cougar – Ain’t Even Done with the Night
T. Rex – Broken Hearted Blues

Today I added Gerry Rafferty’s “Right Down the Line”

Feel Tired But Good

This is the face of a very tired dude flying the #ServiceNow flag through the world. As we said over our victory laps drinks last night, “Here’s to a job well done! Keyword: DONE!”

Stockholm Dev Days

Sven Lagerberg introduces the first day of Developer Days Stockholm. More than anything, @AndrewJBarnes and I love talking about #ServiceNow development everywhere we go in the world!

KRVS – Out To Lunch

I decided to try out the podcast from KRVS FM called “Out to Lunch” ( In the first 3 minutes of the first episode I listened to, I learned about . This show might get expensive!


Ever wish you could spend the night in a Chuck E Cheeses? That’s exactly what the Great Wolf Lodge is like.