This weekend is 30 degrees colder than the end of the week. Then I get in the Outback and remember “Heated seats!”

Oh Well

2/3 of the way through shipping Patreon rewards, I discovered the option to email tracking numbers automatically. Oh boy.

Dream Job Part 2

In a hotel before first user group meeting as Developer Evangelist, fixing API site emergency. Still love this job – said without irony!

Dream Job

I am editing voiceovers for videos at work. I keep screaming at yesterday Dave, “Tell me you did another take of that!”

I’m getting close to decision time. Does anyone have any feedback, pro or con, about If I am going to hook it up, I need to order it very soon.

Tire Fun

Blew a tire on the way to school. Luckily it was 100 yards from school. Whole day is sideways now.

Oyster Fest

2015-11-14 13.32.25

Getting ready to ride my bike downtown and hit the Crafy Rooster Oysterfest. My kit is prepared!

Fun Times 2

Watching the Impractical Jokers play toilet paper basketball is making me laugh until I cry. @WhatSayYouPod is why I started watching!

Fun Times

Am I really spending my evening updating training courses for our new release while watching Impractical Jokers? Yes, yes I am.