Until the second trailer I was literally the only person in this showing of Ant-

Spiders and Snakes

Punkin: “I don’t like spiders”
I sing a spider song.
Me: “That was by one of the great poets of the 20th century, Mr. Jim Stafford”

Dumb Dave

Oh, for Dobb’s sake. Getting the next EGC episode ready to post Sunday I just realized I never posted the last one publicly, only to Patrons. Yikes!

iPhone Non-love

I have a temp iPhone while my LG G2 is in the shop. I know people love this thing but I don’t know why. I can’t get rid of it fast enough.

Stevie Z

I want to start a Tumbler just for myself and maybe for my brother: Old Guys Who Look Like Steve Zolotow.

Work Fun

Am I still working on my presentation for the Swiss company at 11 PM the night before? Yes I am. They’re Swiss! How can I not?

Maddest Max

I’m trying to decide if Mad Max: Fury Road is the best action movie of all time, or the best movie of all time.

Punkin Sweetness

On the way into Frozen on Ice, Punkin grabbed a stranger little girl’s hand and walked her through the parking lot.

Screenshare Voyeurism

During any screensharing meeting, I am always fascinated by the menu bar to see what programs and extensions the sharer has installed.

Black Widow Question

Marvel Cinematic U: Is the Russian girl assassin academy in Agent Carter the same one that created the Black Widow 50-60 years later?

Big Pen

Signing the receipt for my CT scan:

Smling clerk: “You can keep that pen.”
Me: “I would hope so. This is by far the most expensive pen I’ve ever bought.”


I’m not kicking it off from this doctor’s office, but Lollipop is now available for my AT&T LG G2. Bright spot in a rough week.