Jetpack Insanity

WordPress Jetpack is telling me my site is up and down every 10 minutes for the last 24 hours. Is this happening to anyone else?


I spent a long time yesterday trying to find my Griffin iMic for the Hangout. I totally could have used the PowerWave for what I wanted to do and knew where it was. Oops!

GFL 2015?

Is a Scott Sigler GFL book going up for pre-order this weekend? I don’t see a mention either way on his site.

Chrome Feature

Dear Chrome developer who put an icon on the tab playing sound: you are a beautiful bastard and I want to kiss you.

YouTube Help

Dear Google Hangouts experts: I changed the trailer to my upcoming hangout on air. How can I change the thumbnail YouTube shows for it? Currently my G+ profile photo.


I know I am out of things but somehow I completely missed that Twitter was a public company. And they have a market cap of over $12 billion! That’s a lot for a company with almost no revenue and a product that converts spare time into outrage.



I did a double take when you rejected my password at account creation. I had to read it twice before I understood the violation was that I entered a password longer than 12 characters. Can I get a “FFS!” then an “Amen!”


Cold November Rain

I just cracked myself up when I realized that I was literally standing in a cold November rain. Darling, don’t refrain, nothing lasts forever…

Kindle Fun

Who knew that a 3 year old fiddling with a Kindle Paperwhite for 90 seconds could not only purchase some ebooks but also order a 2 amp charger? Now I do.

Punkin Song of the Day

Daddy : “Keep your electric eye on me babe
Put your ray gun to my head
Hold your space face close to mine love
… Okay, what is next?”

Punkin : ” Freak out in a moonage daydream? ”

Daddy : ” Exactly right! “

Odyssey Continues

I can’t leave the house to go to the gym or I’ll miss signing for FedEx. Yesterday they tried at 11:40. Today it is 2 PM and counting …

LG G2 Coming Home

My LG G2 is in transit from the repair facility, due tomorrow. I have owned this 11 months and 1 full month of that has been multiple trips back and forth to that facility.

Halloween Email

Within an hour this morning, every restaurant chain with my address sent me “No Tricks, Just Treats” emails.

WTF FedEx?

So in the chronicles of the LG G2 taking a dump: as if having to send it back to the factory for repairs one week after I got it back from repairs didn’t suck enough. I wanted them to just give me a new one, they refused. They did give me a prepaid shipping label for FedEx, which I packaged up over the weekend and dropped in the FedEx box downtown on Sunday. I have been sweating for the last 24 hours how the tracking information wasn’t there. Turns out the box didn’t get checked until Tuesday. WTF FedEx? This whole phone fiasco remains painful at every point I deal with any aspect of it, across three corporations now.


Look for my next short story, “The Poot that Wasn’t: An Underwear Horror Story” in better magazines near you.

Oh, AT&T

Wow, AT&T. Calling the wireless customer service number at 11 PM at night gives you 20 minutes on hold and counting? It’s bright and early in India, this should be easy.

Access code

The vendor says:

Please note it may take up to 24 to 48 hours to receive this email with the code.

So in other words, it may take 48 hours. The 24 is really there as a decoy, right? If it takes “up to” a range, the early part of the range has no meaningful contribution except to make you think it might be sooner. Which is also what the “up to” part is doing.