Round trip from my house to the office for my TSA Precheck appointment: 2 hours
Amount of time spent in office: 7 minutes.


I figured out an alacorn had to be unicorn + pegasus from context since Twilight Sparkle is one.

With Punkin debating merits of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic vs Friendship Games. Consensus is MLP:FIM is way better.

K16 Wrapup

Fun #know16 moment: @cjtucker and I in the Burger Bar post conference trying to name all 6 main Ponies. We missed Fluttershy.

Day 4 Final Bet

Won my last bet in Vegas for #know16. Extra backpack, took in all 3 bags then volunteered to check suitcase at gate. Payout: $25

Day 4 memories

Apparently in Auto Testing #know16 lab I said “All the options suck, we’re searching for an acceptable level of suck.” Had forgotten that.

Day 4

At the Linq with @NeriusNOW: “Are you father and son? #Know16 ends with an ouch!

Day 4

Because I am a seasoned #know16 pro, of course I packed bandages for foot blisters. Which of course I have.

Day Two

Dear customers, partners, developers at #Know16 : I LOVE talking to you!

Live Soon

At 4 PM, I will be live streaming TechNow at #Know16 @ Social Media Command Center w/ Chuck + Kreg

It Begins

My #Know16 begins in earnest. Talked to 2 customers and a partner boarding flight in Charlotte

Looking Up

With some great news about our team, I am going to #know16 on a really high note. Can’t wait, see you there!