I can explain why this Ibis Hotel is not a good fit for me in a single image. It’s like living in a late 90’s Mountain Dew commercial. Radical, dudes!


After I did the #ServiceNow development workshop for Auckland, @gerwynsamuel made the atypical move of presenting me with gifts! It was completely unexpected. I believe that wine will be preparation juice for #NowForum in London!

Andrew Barnes on Update Sets

http://bit.ly/2RmnhMv New developer advocate @AndrewJBarnes brings the heat with a blog post on the sometimes perplexing topic of managing update sets for release to production. Check out the #ServiceNow wisdom!

LCHH Mapping Addendum

On our LCHH episode yesterday, I made a dumpster fire of it with a syntactic mistake that blew everything up. With a little more work, I was able to get to first pass of my original vision. Also seeking a little redemption from #ServiceNow #CodingFail

Gathering Developer Feedback

http://bit.ly/2Ict1nR Don’t delay, if you have any suggestions, features, complaints with #ServiceNow developer tools you can record your feedback. We are feeding this to Product Management!


It’s hard to be really happy about being 11 feet above flood stage, but it is a relief to see this graph no longer climbing.

Welcome Andrew Barnes

http://bit.ly/2IeH4JA Andrew Barnes aka @AndrewJBarnes has been on the #ServiceNow developer advocacy team for a few weeks but now is time for his formal introduction. It is truly a pleasure to have him aboard and helping push the ball down the field!

Circle CI Scheduled Builds

We use CircleCI to build and publish our new Developer blog at https://developer.servicenow.com/blog.do. I struggled getting scheduled builds configured until I found this video that got it working perfectly in 2 minutes: http://bit.ly/2Icgukg Thanks, #CircleCI support!

Gathering Developer Feedback

http://bit.ly/2Ict1nR We are actively gathering #ServiceNow developer feedback. Do you have suggestions for the future direction of developer tools? Let us know by following that link and we’ll feed them back to product managers! Let your voice be heard!

LCHH for 2018-09-21

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpaAJQaSppQ Live Coding Happy Hour for 2018-09-21 – @ctomasi building some Flow Designer Actions to do date manipulations. Join me and @AndrewJBarnes and Chuck! Friday afternoon, beer and #ServiceNow!

Conway Flooding

Main Street was open and drivable a few hours ago and is now underwater. There are still 4 feet and 5 days before the Waccamaw River crests. It’s bad out there.

Myrtle Dogs

I don’t care about the Cubs as a team but I will admit that when the Myrtle Beach Pelicans became an affiliate the hot dog game was improved radically.

Myrtle Dogs

I don’t care about the Cubs as a team but I will admit that when the Myrtle Beach Pelicans became an affiliate the hot dog game was improved radically.

On the Road

Okay Waze, I am at your mercy getting from Florence to the Charlotte airport. Wherever I am, I hope you know because I sure don’t.

Welcome to Andrew

Little did @AndrewJBarnes know when he joined the #ServiceNow Developer Program his job responsibilities included playing darts with children. Welcome aboard Andrew!

LCHH for Labor Day weekend, 2018

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgNhlsSENTo Come join @Andrewjbarnes and @tv2000 and me as we continue to get the #ServiceNow < -> Meetup.com integration working. I need this in production yesterday! #lchh

DIY Bookscanner OCR Test

I took pictures of a few pages with my actual platen but not the full rig, just to test the software. This is a random page as processed by ScanTailor on OS X then run through the Tesseract OCR. Not bad! #DIYBookscanner