I totally should have brought my ThinkGeek bag of holding to #GitHubUniverse. Same reason I take it to comic conventions: ease of stashing swag!


Attending a tech conference at which I am neither presenting nor helping customers is like a vacation! It is so easy! #GitHubUniverse


The real time closed-captioner at #GitHubUniverse is struggling with “Django”. It is making me laugh every time. #WelcomeToJargonWorld


@NeriusNow contemplating the day ahead at #GitHubUniverse workshops


Waiting for Uber in Outer Sunset, what I thought was dandruff is ash from wildfires

Cheap Trick

I am blasting the post-2000 Cheap Trick albums all the way to SFO. In 8 hours I’ll be seeing them! These are great albums!

LCHH for 2017-10-06 #LCHH for #ServiceNow – @NeriusNow @ctomasi and me adding Markdown editor to ServicePortal!


Punkin likes this because the Nerf bow + gun makes a crossbow which is “faster, stronger and fightier!”