Myrtle Dogs

I don’t care about the Cubs as a team but I will admit that when the Myrtle Beach Pelicans became an affiliate the hot dog game was improved radically.

DIY Bookscanner Progress

I still have a lot of work to do on the DIY Bookscanner but my plexiglass arrived and the handle does hook up to it. Platen is almost there! Next stop this

Live Coding for 2018-08-10

Live now: @AndrewJBarnes and @ctomasi and I working on Andrew’s Build Tracker tool. Fun times with #ServiceNow development + beer!


I am working at #SubProto this morning while I try to print this as a tool to help me flash Tasmota firmware on my Sonoff IOT devices. Extremely nerdy morning!

LCHH for 2018-08-03 @AndrewJBarnes @ctomasi and me will be working on Andrew’s Update Set management tool for #ServiceNow


Actual error seen in the Git command line:

“error: Merging is not possible because you have unmerged files.”

Thanks, git program. I was not aware of that.

Book Scanner

I’ve been following the DIY Book Scanner project for years. I have many books and magazines I’d like to scan and get rid of. Here is a version much cheaper and simpler to build:

London EA

#ServiceNow has released London to early access which means you can now upgrade your personal developer instance!

Head on

I have now heard the song “Head On” performed live by both the Pixies and Jesus and Mary Chain. Good times!


The music stuck in my head today is the theme that plays in the Lego Marvel game while you skydive from the helicarrier.

LCHH for 2018-06-08

Join me @andrewjbarnes and @ctomasi for #LiveCodingHappyHour today as we explore expanding our previous Markdown experiments into versioned and diffable Markdown. Taste the #ServiceNow! #LCHH

Vegas Friends

This was my third work trip to Las Vegas. At #knowledge18 I finally reached out to my grad school friend Vijaya. Great to see you! #BadFriend

FCBD 2018

Before #Knowledge18 and #CreatorCon in Las Vegas, there is #FreeComicBookDay. This giant pile was $30 at Power Comics. Yay #fcbd!