Charleston Wiki

On Saturday at the Uplifter Charleston shindig, the idea was raised about creating a Charleston specific wiki. It’s Tuesday, and today it exists . It is being populated now, and if you are a Charlestonian or a knowledgable ex-pat you can create an account and help fill this thing out. Here’s to less talk and […]

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Uplifter Waning

It seems like the meeting is winding down. There are ostensibly 45 more minutes left, but everyone left a little bit ago so I think it is effectively over. It was a really good meeting, a number of people of various levels of experience and question. People were helped, questions asked and answered about blogs […]


Here in Charleston

I’m at the Uplifter meeting in Charleston, although I think I’m preceding it by some. My stuff is mostly still in the car and I just realized that I didn’t bring my CVS camcorder cable. Damn it! Dan just showed up, so the nerding begins. I’ll try to flickr some photos throughout the day. Also […]


Uplifter Charleston

Don’t forget, if you are in south coastal South Carolina or north coastal Georgia, there will be an Uplifter meeting this Saturday in Charleston. I’m planning on being there, so if you can (even if you aren’t close but willing to drive) please come and talk to me. We’re there to teach, learn and increase […]


Uplifter Meetings Rev 1

The meetings were Saturday. We had 5 people in South Carolina, and there were 6 people in Minnesota. While that’s not huge, both groups had fun and got some stuff done. They did more citizen media stuff in Minnesota, but a lady in SC also got help with her laptop from a guy who happens […]


Uplifter Help Needed

Crossposted to the Uplifter Blog. I need help, and whatever anyone can give is good. Because of the very high workload I had the last two weeks, I didn’t get done a lot of the things I wanted to do for promoting the Carolina Uplifter meeting. I have fliers ready to go which I will […]


Uplifter Train Picks Up Steam

Over on the Uplifter Wiki there has been a good bit of activity recently as we try to get the PR materials in shape for sending around. March 25th, there will be meetings in both Conway SC and Minneapolis MN. I like that, it emphasizes that this isn’t an event that happens once in a […]


Uplifter Lives!

The basic framework of the Uplifter stuff exists. There is now a wiki and a group blog. Anyone that is interested should feel free to contribute to either or both. The one thing about both is that they require registration to participate. I thought about this and think that for this particular deal, it makes […]


Slow Life

Maybe this appeals to me because I am so gut-crushingly busy that I feel like leaning over and puking at most times lately, but my friend Coop sent me this link to an article on the Slow Life movement in Japan. Interesting stuff, with some hooks into the concerns of an Uplifter. Also on: