Hello 6E

I laughed every time flight attendant mentioned IndiGo magazine. Sounded like “Hello Sexy!”

Cultural Sensitivity Help

Friends, particularly Indian nationals, help me please: is #DeveloperDayBengalaru a better tag than #DeveloperDayBangalore? Is it more respectful to use the former? Not sure of the cultural baggage of the anglicized version of the city name.


Guard at Gandhi Intl made us empty bags. Noted 2 of my items: a sudoku book and bag of instant grits.

Game Time

Psyching myself up for travel from Hyderabad to Bangalore. Brian Eno’s “Here Come The Warm Jets” on repeat, very loud

Food Pron

This is what lunch looked like today. If I’m doing the math right, it was under $5. #ServiceNow life!