EGC Clambake for August 11, 2007 – “Friends, Parties, and Shared Experience”

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for August 11, 2007. I play some submitted music from Rob Szabo; I discuss the dog and the summer and work and the party and why it has taken so much out of me and left me doing few podcasts lately; I […]

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Achewood in the House: Chris Onstad Interview

Here’s an interesting interview from the Onion AV club with Chris Onstad of Achewood. That is the only webcomic I follow on a regular basis, and have for years. A few years back, my XMas gifts were collections of the strip and Achewood T-shirts, so I’m more interested than average. Apparently this is the first […]

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Achewood Sidesplitter

Achewood has been really up and down lately, but today it is side-splittingly funny. I just about wept reading this one. Also on:


Weird Ideas

Achewood has been off track for a while, but but this one is hilarious. Weird ideas, indeed. I see lots of men like this every day. Also on: