One Million Spams

Sometime in the next 24 hours, I expect that my blog will cross an important threshold. That will be 1,000,000 spams blocked by Akismet. Thanks guys. If it took 1 second to deal with each one of those, I would have spent 11.5 days of my last decade handling them. I appreciate not having to […]


Publishing 2010: The Beginning of the End or the End of the Beginning?

This post is my attempt to distill together many different threads into a common tapestry. There is a lot of turbidity in the publishing, podcasting, music, film, television worlds right now. I have these feeling that every bit of this is all part of a larger whole and I’m going to take a stab at […]

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The Perils of Akismet

Via Scoble comes this commentary about the possible downsides of the Akismet spam filter. I’ll offer this cut and paste from my admin pages as my input: Akismet has caught 37,244 spam for you since you first installed it. What else is there to say? Also on:


Akismet Under Siege?

I’m getting a lot more comment spam oozing past the filters in the last 12 hours than has been typical over the previous few months. Is something happening with Akismet? I notice that when I mark those things as spam, it’s really slow to submit. I wonder if either via DDOS or just plain old […]



I have previously given the Akismet WordPress plugin glowing praise for almost completely eliminating my comment spam problems. While that is true, in the last month or so, I’ve had more of a false positive problem. In fact, it has now caught my own comments several times. I wonder if there isn’t some kind of […]


Akismet Update

I’ve been running Akismet for most of the calendar year now. Across three different blogs, I’ve received about a thousand comment spams. No righteous messages have been caught, two spam messages did not get flagged automatically and had to be flagged as spam (and thus submitted to the Akismet system) by me. That’s a 99.8% […]


WordPress 2

When I set up the Uplifter weblog I downloaded the current WordPress and went to work. That happens to be version 2.0, and I have to say it is quite sweet. I love the live preview of themes that lets you “try before you buy.” It sure beats the old method of changing them in […]

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