More Kindle Stuff

I’m aware that most of what little I’ve blogged in calendar year 2010 is Kindle related. What can I say? It’s what I’ve been most interested in lately, which corresponds with me also not having a whole lot to say on much else. C’est la blog. I got some nice traction on my Spanish to […]

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Shuffle Swap

Yesterday afternoon, I plugged in my Shuffle to the iBook to refresh my listening content. It didn’t mount as a drive, it didn’t mount in iTunes and it didn’t flash as if it were recharging. I tried a few things like plugging it into a powered hub, plugging into every USB port on every computer […]

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iTunes 4.9 Walks the Earth

Phil Torrone notes that he is seeing iTunes 4.9 hitting his RSS feed. I am too. Note to you Apple engineers: you are using the Bittorrent feed and seem to not be getting anywhere. Try using the direct MP3 feed and you’ll have better results. Update: Cool, TUAW picked up on this. Just to clarify, […]

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