Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aprli 11 2015 – Losing It

In this episode, I play a song from long-time friend of the show Rocket City Riot; I talk about losing my fandom and enthusiasm and how I think about retaining listeners and interest. I try to keep it from being a bummer, happy face y’all! Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius […]

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Ask A Ninja + LonelyGirl15 = Less than the Sum of Its Parts

I have watched Ask a Ninja from the beginning, and I am a fan. I think some shows are more hilarious and some are less hilarious, but I have never known them to not bring the funny. That is – until today. Catching up on my videos at lunch, I watched the episode where they […]

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XMas Haul

XMas Haul Originally uploaded by evilgenius. I never did post about the stuff I received for XMas. I got some shirts and socks and other practical things, which proved to me that I am now old. Getting socks for XMas and being happy about it is a dead giveaway. My wife also gave me that […]

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