Audible Domino Falls

I read Doc Searls’ commentary about the news that NPR will not be renewing their contract with Audible. This line of thinking kind of fits in with what Doug Kaye as saying about the future of public radio. As Doc points out, the weird thing about this new world order is the “channel conflict”, where […]

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Katz Responds

Don Katz of has a post that responds to some of the criticisms of the Audible/podcasting thing. This includes a namecheck of me, for god’s sake! For the record, I’ve had multiple exchanges with Mitch Ratcliffe about his response to me, in the comments here, in the comments there and in email. I still […]

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Ummm, OK

I’ll admit to not understanding this one at all. Mitch Ratcliffe disputes my statement that when Don Katz claims does “something much like podcasting” it involves a centralized authority. I read his whole post through a couple of times and I don’t get what his refutation actually refutes. Mitch thinks I am incorrect when […]

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