Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aug 18 2015 – DDOP 15

In this episode, I answer the question: what is currently giving me joy? Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, Aug 18 2015 Links mentioned in this episode: Support this show on Patreon Bathtub Mermaid Melissa Bartell Tin City comic show Tin Roof, Charleston SC Auphonic podcast production tool is […]

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On The Road

I am driving to Charleston to attend the Tin City comic book show. Should be fun! Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Charleston Zombie Action

I talked to my friend Dan Conover on the phone today, tomorrow is Halloween and this week I’ve been in my workshop making artificial dismembered body parts. All those combine into a souffle of rotting flesh when you think back to Dan’s short film from earlier this year, Brunch of the Living Dead embedded below […]

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Charleston Wiki

On Saturday at the Uplifter Charleston shindig, the idea was raised about creating a Charleston specific wiki. It’s Tuesday, and today it exists . It is being populated now, and if you are a Charlestonian or a knowledgable ex-pat you can create an account and help fill this thing out. Here’s to less talk and […]

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