Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for September 9 2015 – DDOP 35, Extra Innings

In this episode, I answer questions from Reed Knight: What are some things I think are underrated and what are my top 10 high signal-to-noise podcasts? Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, September 9 2015 Links mentioned in this episode: Support this show on Patreon Bridge of Birds and […]

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More Heroes Con Wrapups

More Heroes Con wrapups come in. I’m glad I got to meet and hang out with Derek Coward. I was a little surprised that the show was not as explicitly social as many such gatherings. Had I known that you could get in with only a wrist band like a record show, I’d have brought […]

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A Little CREATE South and AmigoFish Love

I was just listening to the first episode of 2 People Talking from the Comic Book Noise podcast network. It’s the relaunch of what used to be called “Indie Comic Book Noise.” At the end of the show, not only does Derek throw out a little promo for CREATE South but also talks about AmigoFish […]

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Comic Book Noise’s Best of the Year

I’m a regular listener to Comic Book Noise. As I get back into collecting comics, it’s one of the tools I use to figure out what books and series sound interesting to me. Derek recently published a show about his top picks for 2008. Here is Part One, As far as I can tell, there […]

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