CREATE South Wrap Up

I have posted over on the CREATE South blog a big wrap up with lots of links to other posts and resources about the day. Check it out and relive or see what you missed. Also on:

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CREATE South is In the Can

The CREATE South conference is now behind us. Big swatches of the day went not like I hoped they would but like I dreamed they would. The day wasn’t perfect by any stretch but the flaws were forgivable and survivable and the strengths powerful and heart-warming. I’d write more, but now I’m driving down to […]

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Create South – T minus 9 hours

Tonight a group of us met at the Liberty Steakhouse for dinner and drinks as a pre-conference shindig. I met a few people that I knew online but had never met in person. This includes Heather who has been helping organize and calling in to the conference calls but who I didn’t previously know. I’m […]

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Do What You Imagine

Dan Conover writes about shooting his short film over the last few weeks. Dan talks about the power of cheap technology when it intersects the desire to be creative. That’s the spirit that drives our Create South conference this weekend. Not coincidentally, Dan and his wife Janet will be presenting at the conference about ways […]

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I Need an EVDO Card in the Grand Strand Area

We’re in the contingency planning for the CREATE South conference. Is there someone out there in the Grand Strand who has a currently live EVDO card that would be willing to let us borrow it for a day? Pretty please? Drop me an email if you do. Thanks. Cross-posted to the Grand Strand Bloggers. Also […]

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