More Heroes Con Wrapups

More Heroes Con wrapups come in. I’m glad I got to meet and hang out with Derek Coward. I was a little surprised that the show was not as explicitly social as many such gatherings. Had I known that you could get in with only a wrist band like a record show, I’d have brought […]

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At Heroes Convention

I’m here in Charlotte a few blocks from the convention center. I’m looking forward to attending Heroes Convention tomorrow. They just had a piece on the con on the 11 PM local news that makes me even more anxious to get there. I brought my full want list of comics I’m looking for, a few […]

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Comic Book Noise’s Best of the Year

I’m a regular listener to Comic Book Noise. As I get back into collecting comics, it’s one of the tools I use to figure out what books and series sound interesting to me. Derek recently published a show about his top picks for 2008. Here is Part One, As far as I can tell, there […]

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Mevio/Podshow “Never Believed in User-Generated Content”

Yesterday I got an email from Derek Coward, pointing me to this pair of articles: one about Podshow changing their name to Mevio, and another about how Mevio was focusing on professionally produced content, as opposed to that shitty stuff that they’ve focused on for the last three years, I suppose. I’ve actually let up […]

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