Set it Off

Doc Searls has always been my favorite “A-list blogger.” Part of what I like about him so much is how uncomfortable he is with that tag. Famous people who love to be famous for its own sake have a strong tendency to be assholes, so I like my famous people to have a certain amount […]


Seeing and Hearing

Here’s some stuff lately that has interested me, bothered me or amused me in citizen media. Today’s episode of Rocketboom mostly reruns this thing some guys in Berlin did where they stuck a projector outside a train and showed movies on the subway walls. Although the project is kind of cool, I think the actual […]

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Insight Strikes Late

Yesterday I had a phone call with Doc Searls (about which he blogs) and while I was giving him some technical podcasting support, at one point we were talking about iTunes as a podcatcher. He was talking about not getting episodes that way for a long time, and I realized something simple. All this time […]

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Doc Searls as Borg

The wackiness continues in this comic strip about Doc Searls. What is there to say but “Wow!” Also on: