Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for February 19 2017 – Shut Down

In this episode, I begin with a song from Wyldlife then talk about a variety of interpretations of “shut down” and places I experience that match that. Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, February 19 2017 Links mentioned in this episode: Support this show on Patreon Wyldlife at Facebook […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for December 28 2016 – Unsatisfied

In this show, we start off with the Flexapleasers Xmas song; moving from the Fitbit to the Garmin Vivosmart HR+ has issues; 2016 was a weird year but is just the beginning; being a skeptic can make you a buzzkill; resolutions are a horrible way to create new habits; I still struggle with my weight […]

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Baby Boomer Die Off

I’ve seen some variation of the reaction to a celebrity death with “This is a horrible month/year/decade” probably 50 times in the last week. Buckle up, butter cups. This is barely the beginning, and expect this to accelerate dramatically for the next 20 to 30 years. The first wave of Baby Boomers are hitting 70. […]

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