A Decade of Ebook Arguments

In 1998, I left my job at Intel for a job with an ebook startup called JStream. It was in many ways my dream job, and of every one I’ve held it was the one I’d get excited on Sunday night because I got to go back in on Monday morning. It was a good […]

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Move to the Left

Bill Shunn posts on his blog that his story “From Our Point Of View We Had Moved To The Left” is now available from Fictionwise. I read this story in F&SF when it was first published 13 years ago, and I thought it was a strong powerful story back then. It’s even more appropriate today, […]

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Written in Venom

Around this time of year, my thoughts often turn to Norse mythology. That might not be as weird as it seems, because at least here in America our XMas traditions are pretty heavily steeped in the Scandinavian. I’ve always loved mythology, and I like the Norse because it is so different from the Greco-Roman stories. […]

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