Video is Up

OK, I just decided to stop fighting it and go with OurMedia for now. The video of me hacking the CVS camera is now posted. I know it is too long, the camera work is shaky, but it’s the first video thing I have ever done and the first time I have ever worked a […]

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I have farted around with Fire ANT a little lately, mostly watching videos from Rocketboom and Eric Rice. As I played with it, I thought to myself “Self, you know what would be cool? If there was a way to do this from within MythTV such that downloaded shows just entered the recorded list along […]

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Josh Kinberg (he of the crazed bicycle mounted dot-matrix printer) sent me an email telling me that the new version of FireANT that runs on Windows XP is available. I had actually never donwloaded the Mac version, which I did today. It seems pretty slick. I’m not actually turning on the automatic downloads just yet […]

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