Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 27 2015 – Interview with Garrick van Buren

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, January 27 2015. This is my interview with Garrick van Buren about his book Rebuilding Blocks. It is a fascinating book that combines personal anecdotes with a business and self-help book as well as a strategy guide for the game of Kubb. Links […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 12 2015 – Patreon and Videos

In this episode, I return to the old format! I play a song by the Gentle Readers; I discuss the differences between Flattr and Patreon and why I am thinking hard about going with the latter; I talk about my experience as a fan of Cats Laughing and their current Kickstarter; what the heck, let’s […]

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Kubb For Xmas

So my brother and I did this over the holidays. I understand now what Garrick van Buren likes so much about the game. Also, my Kubb set received its baptism of rain and music. It is broken in now. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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One of the things I picked up from Jamie and Garrick talking nerd stuff on this episode of the Open Loop podcast was a reference to the open source project Piwik. Despite this thing having millions of downloads, I had never heard of it. Basically, it is an open source version of Google Analytics that […]

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Open Loop Podcast

I had occasion to correspond with Garrick van Buren. I had made a post a while back that I missed his First Crack podcast. He focussed on people and businesses local to him, and they were always interesting. When my daughter was born I went back to look up the nut who had the Daddyator […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 29, 2014 – DDOP 30: Wrapup

In this episode, I do a wrap up of my experience of the Dog Days of Podcasting; I talk about other month long challenges I have attempted and failed at; I discuss why I still want to publish a paper zine; I reminisce about developing my own film and printing my own photos in high […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August, 15 2014 – “DDOP Day 16: Grab Bag”

In this episode, Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, August 15, 2014 You can subscribe to this podcast feed via RSS. To sponsor the show, contact BackBeat Media. Don’t forget, you can fly your EGC flag by buying the stuff package. This show as a whole is Creative Commons […]

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What a Long Podcast Queue Means To Me

Obsessive podcast dork post warning – if you are uninterested in the deep miscellany of how one listener handles his podcasts, this post may not be for you. Some time ago Garrick van Buren asked me about what a long podcast queue means to me. I had posted about the fact that my listening queue […]

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The Downside of the Cullect Widget

A couple months ago I put the Cullect widget on this blog’s sidebar. I’ve been trying to support Garrick van Buren and Cullect, mostly because he has always been a strong supporter of most or all of my projects and I owe him some karmic debt. There is one problem with that, though. When I […]

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I’ve been watching Garrick van Buren‘s Cullect project for a while now. I’ll admit that I feel a little guilty about it because I’ve taken several runs at it and I always feel like I’m not grokking the full power of it. I mean, it seems like it has a lot to offer and is […]

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Twitter Zeitgeist

My Twitter fast continues. I’ve looked at it for less than 15 minutes each for the last two days. As I tweeted yesterday: I thought that I would miss Twitter like an addict craving a fix. Instead it felt more like having a hypnotist cure a nervous tic overnight. Garrick van Buren forwarded me a […]

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Garrick on Podcast Advertising

Garrick van Buren posts a musing on podcast advertising and references this here clambake in it. I sort of agree with his basic points and don’t know what to do about it. I could have an index of every firm that has ever sponsored the show. Would that be value add or just noise? Update: […]

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EGC Clambake For October 9, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for October 9, 2006. I play a song from Whitney Steele; I present a series of interviews I did at this year’s Podcast Expo, with Ray Slakinsi, Paul Kafasis, and Garrick van Buren. You can subscribe to this feed via RSS. To […]

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EGC Clambake For July 2, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for July 2, 2006. I talk about my break between jobs and why there weren’t a spate of shows in that time; I play a song by Camper Van Beethoven; I talk about the grand opening of the KISS coffeehouse; I non-recommend […]

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Overexposure Tour 2006 Continues

More on the overexposure front. I did an interview with Bazooka Joe at the Small World podcast all about the Uplifter movement and philosphy. I might do another one with him on AmigoFish as well, because I have not yet worn out my welcome completely. Obviously, that means I have work to do. I also […]

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EGC Clambake for February 9, 2006

Here is the Bittorrent link and direct MP3 download for the EGC clambake for February 9, 2006. I talk about being wiped out; I play a song from Jonathan Coulton’s thing a week; I mentioned Garrick Van Buren’s video for “Shop Vac”; I play a clip of Joe Cipriano on Weezy and the Swish and […]

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Shop Vac Music Video

Garrick Van Buren did an amazing job editing together some found video from archive.org and Jonathan Coulton’s song Shop Vac into this glorious music video. Behold the mighty power of Creative Commons! Also on:

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