Comics On The Horizon

This is kind of a pointer to myself but hopefully others find it useful. I’ve heard a few interviews with comic creators that interested me in their work: Today I heard the Inkstuds interview with Derf. I’ve never heard of this guy before but I’m really interested in his graphic novel Punk Rock and Trailer […]

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Liz Baillie Minicomic of the Month

For a complete lark, I just joined the Liz Baillie Minicomic of the Month Club. It seems like an interesting experiment in spurring creativity, throwing a bone to an interesting artist and getting some good stuff in the bargain. I heard about this deal on Indie Spinner Rack #146 and on a whim I decided […]

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Check Your Recordings Early

Today I listened to Indie Spinner Rack podcast #127 which was basically a tale of woe about sending a portable audio recorder to Stumptown with some correspondents. Charlie tells of having the recorder in his jacket pocket and a few days later when he went to get the audio off of it, the device was […]

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Podcasting Use Case for Comics

Here’s an example of what podcasting can do that normal media just couldn’t. Derek Coward turned me on to Indie Spinner Rack. In a recent show, they had some correspondents at the Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo who did a freakish level of coverage of the Howard E. “Gene” Day Prize. They recorded the […]

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