James Slusher’s WSOP Run

If you look at the coverage of Day 1 of Event 27 of the World Series of Poker, one of the last entries of the day is below. Sun, 15 Jun 2008 00:58:30 When You’re Hot You’re Hot Bernard Lee has just sucked out on another player to eliminate him and extend his lead. He […]

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My Brother The Gambler

My brother is in Las Vegas right now, playing in a World Series of Poker event. He’s been calling me all day with status updates at every break. While I was in the office with my team working on a Saturday, he was phoning me with his adventures in his first ever big time tournament. […]

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Suggested Listening

Here’s some things I have listened to lately that I really liked: Actually I’m still listening to this one and am really liking it – Chuck Tomasi has an interview with Leo Laporte. My brother has a podcast and he’s done a great variety of stuff. For some reason, the show that has tickled me […]

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