Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 9 2016 – The Hopes of Machines

In this episode, I play a song from Steve Conte; I talk about being a guest on the Kindle Chronicles; I discuss my new writing in public output goals; I talk about lining up your incentives and values; I discuss my current Kindle reading, the JFK assassination book Ultimate Sacrifice by Lamar Waldron; I talk […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 16, 2013 – “My Life In Fandom #14”

Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, August 16, 2013. In this episode, I focus on the Castlegate hotel and the various fun times I had there, from skeezy record shows to Dixie Trek, Phenomicon and graduation parties. You can subscribe to this podcast feed via RSS. To sponsor the […]

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