More Work Glamour

Here is a picture of what it is like to work as a remote consultant. I’m watching the company All Hands Meeting while I am making myself lunch. It’s a living, a good one and pretty fun. Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

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Work Booyah

I got the Holy Grail of ServiceNow client-side unit testing figured out last night. At like 2 AM. Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter


Server Fun

FYI, if you noticed and were wondering why my various sites have been down so much … there is a story. I noticed lots of reboots starting this afternoon, and this evening I found that the site would only stay up for 1 minute at a time. It would reboot so much that Linode would […]

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Shady Character

Would you buy training from this man? Also on:Facebook Twitter


Class Day Two

Gearing up for day two of the course. Funny thing, it gets real easy for me now. Most of the talking is done. From here out, they mostly work labs. The are designed to be challenging, so there will be a lot of interaction, but the solid multi-hour blocks of me with Powerpoint are over. […]


Go Time

Been thinking about this training course for months, writing it for weeks. Today is the day, go time. I am excited and nervous. Also on:Facebook Twitter


Winning at Printer

I just spent an hour here at the main office figuring out how to print to cardstock with a Ricoh Aficio MPC7501. Also on:Facebook Twitter


My Glamorous Life

Tonight: sleep in a tent. Tomorrow: Bernie Sanders rally and Chuck E Cheese. Sunday: Fly to San Diego to teach a class Also on:Facebook Twitter