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Here’s a few things that have struck me as interesting from my recent listening. I’m a fan of Harry Shearer’s Le Show and the July 20th episode featured a lot of talk with John M. Barry, a writer and expert on New Orleanian issues. I liked how Mr. Barry debunked the whole ridiculous “why rebuild […]

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We Are Not OK

Poppy Z. Brite has a list of reasons why, when her friends ask if she is OK, she says New Orleanians are not OK. Also on:

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Poppy Brite on New Orleans +5 months

Poppy Z. Brite lets rip a little of how she feels on the 5 month anniversary of Katrina landfall. Of course I am mad as hell: at the Army Corps of Engineers who lied to us, at the White House and Congress who want our resources but don’t want to pay for them, at our […]

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Small Favor

Poppy checks in so that at least her friends and acquaintances all know she and Chris are in Mississippi, safe if not sound. They are without power, but things there are not as dire as at their actual home. Although they are both alive, their animals are almost certainly dead or soon to be. You […]

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“The End of New Orleans” on Open Source

Tonight on Radio Open Source, their show is about New Orleans. Tune in if you can, stream if you can or listen afterwards via podcast. Also on:

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