Open Road Trip Interviews

The interviews from the Open Road Trip project are posted. What is up there is not the final highest quality versions, but a preliminary Ogg Theora version. If you want to see what I look like and the distressingly weird way my mouth moves when I talk, you can see that. You can also see […]


Supporting Nerd Documentaries

One thing I’ve tried to be good about is financially supporting nerdly documentaries. I’ve got the money to do so, and I truly love to see members of the tribe creating them so I want to encourage more of them. I talked with the Open Roadtrip guys recently, which was a hoot. I don’t know […]

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Interview Me!

I’m back in the interviewing ring. It’s kind of odd how I go months between being interviewed by anyone, and then I get a few in a few days. This has happened multiple times, and it’s happening again now. Last night I was interviewed by Tim Bourquin about the session I’ll be doing at Podcast […]

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