Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for August 1 2016 – Shut Up and Accept Your Grim Fate

In this episode, I play a song from Paul Westerberg; I give a podcast pro trip on editing; I discuss the feedback from the previous show on libertarianism; I talk about how getting Clinton supporters to say good things about her is like pulling teeth; I give the alternate message that could have been sent […]

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Eat to Live

I started a serious push to get my weight under control in spring of 2014. I focused then on mostly avoiding processed sweets and eating mostly high protein, low carb foods for two meals of the day. I would have eggs for breakfast and sausage for lunch then a fairly normal dinner with the family. […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for July 3 2015 – Win Like a Champion

In this episode, I play a song by Valley Lodge; I talk about gay marriage and how I think the victory should be celebrated; I talk about my recent weight loss and how I am achieving it; I discuss my enjoyment of MMove Bluetooth earbuds and call it a show. Here is the direct MP3 […]

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Google Maps Fun

On the October 26th episode of Penn’s Sunday School, the boys were discussing self-driving cars and then Penn’s route to work at the Rio. The couple of streets mentioned give a hint as to which part of town he lives in. It then took me about 90 seconds with Google Maps to locate his house […]

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