David Heinenmeier Hansson responds to the idea that perhaps Ruby on Rails will never “go mainstream” with this brilliant insight: To me, mainstream is mostly about reaching people who just don’t care. There are certainly benefits to having such a broad reach that it can include people who don’t care, but the downsides are at […]



I’m thinking seriously about going to RailsConf in Chicago (announcement here). I’m getting more into Rails all the time, and really enjoying it. It’s predominantly what I use for my fun-time programming nowadays. I’d like to be there with a lot of the game-stepper-uppers and hear about the intermediate to advanced topics, and meet some […]

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Ruby on Rails Scaffolding Hint

For those of you who ever have to do Rails work with an older database that was not created according to RoR naming specs and to which other things have been coded such that you can’t just rename everything, here’s something I found out the hard way. I created my model and used set_table_name to […]


Ruby on Rails Thoughts

I have been interested in Ruby on Rails for a while, and been fiddling with it in the nights and weekends. I like to stay up on new technologies and frameworks, partly because it is fun and partly because that’s some of the value I bring to the folks I work for. The more I […]