City of Heroes

On a complete impulse buy, earlier today I picked up the install DVD for City of Heroes at Big Lots. At least one person on Twitter thought it was odd that I would be involved in such a thing when I’ve gone on record as being underwhelmed by things like Second Life. My problems with […]

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Second Life Thrash

Eric Rice has a post about things afoot in Second Life that have user/customers upset. Raising the prices is a serious one of those, but not the only one. In the post, he posits that user dissatisfaction coupled with the techno-alpha-geek makeup of people who have been early adopters might push the creation of an […]

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More on Second Life

A few more opinions on Second Life. After my first post, PJ had some comments on it. In a similar vein, Eric Rice weighs in prompted by Chris Pirillo’s post. Chris’ experience is about the same as mine. The countervailing opinion of the boosters seems to be that those of us who are bored and […]


Virtual Style Council

More Views of EGC Shirt in Second Life Originally uploaded by evilgenius. Here’s Ken Kennedy’s EGC shirt in Second Life. Moreover, you can purchase one of these things in game. I don’t have this particular addiction to this particular game, but I hear that many do. If you feel like styling around this virtual world […]

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