Get Started with ServiceNow Development I did this before #DevRelCon this morning. Life of a dev evangelist! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter


Special LCHH for Europe and Asia If you are in Europe or Asia (hello India!) Live Coding is early this week for you! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter



This is my one year anniversary of becoming a developer evangelist. Time flies! So much left still to do! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter Twitter


Live at the Day Job 2016-08-17 At 3 PM Eastern, @ctomasi @steppek and I talk Service Portal on TechNow 29! Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter


Invalid Table/Task is Global Error @NeriusNow on the weird error from extending Task tables in scope applications. Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter


My Knowledge16 Schedule

I am going to have a very big week at Knowledge16 in Las Vegas next week. Here is a summary of my schedule. Presenting: Integration 301 (Scripted Rest APIs) #1: Tuesday at 10 AM, Lagoon EFKL #2: Tuesday at 3:50 PM, Mandalay Bay IJ Automated Testing in ServiceNow (CreatorCon) Thursday at 3:50 PM, Mandalay Bay […]

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More Work Glamour

Here is a picture of what it is like to work as a remote consultant. I’m watching the company All Hands Meeting while I am making myself lunch. It’s a living, a good one and pretty fun. Also on:Facebook Tumblr Twitter

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Dec 17 2015 – The Death of a Marantz

In this episode, I play a XMas song by American Heartbreak; I discuss the death of my beloved Marantz PMD 670; I discuss some of my public facing efforts at the new job role; I discuss the AV Club’s Podmass list of “best of the 2015”; I talk about hipster view of podcasts; I discuss […]

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Fun Times

Am I really spending my evening updating training courses for our new release while watching Impractical Jokers? Yes, yes I am. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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BarcampCHS 7

I will be at BarCampCHS 7 this Saturday. Although I am not making an explicit sales job of it, anyone who wants to talk about ServiceNow and particularly our independent developer program (for which I am now an evangelist) is welcome to seek me out. I’ll be wearing a company logo shirt and will talk […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aug 16 2015 – DDOP 13

In this episode, I answer a question about writing internal software vs. external software. Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, August 16 2015 Links mentioned in this episode: Support this show on Patreon Auphonic podcast production tool is so good! Dog Days of Podcasting

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Life After Knowledge

I really enjoyed Knowledge 15 last week. As always, it was a blast meeting customers, partners and coworkers. I always leave excited and exhausted. This is the fourth day since I got home and I am still tired. It’s a challenge getting back into the swing of my normal life and ordinary daily work but […]

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