Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for April 2 2015 – Beyond the Wall Podcast

In this episode, I have a long and delightful conversation with my friends from the Beyond the Wall podcast. We discuss their show, the Game of Thrones TV show, the Song of Ice and Fire novels and all things GRRM, along with a few digressions. This discussion is LOUSY WITH SPOILERS, up through the first […]

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Editing Fun

I am working on the podcast with my friends from Beyond the Wall. It is a big scale, long duration job editing a 150 minute conversation with five people. Additionally, at patron request I am for the first time adding in chapter marks for the conversation. That’s another big job as well as completely new […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Hangout with Beyond the Wall podcast

At 10 PM EDT (you have to do the math for yourself) I will be on a live Google Hangout with my friends from the Beyond the Wall podcast. You can watch it on YouTube later if you miss it. It’s all good. Also on:

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Evil Genius Chronicles Bonus Podcast for March 17 2014 – Discussing Game of Thrones

In this BONUS episode, I mostly discuss my experiences with the Song of Ice and Fire novel series and my recent viewings of the beginnings of the Game of Thrones television series. In there is a little discussion of my new lavalier microphone, comic book retailing and other good bits. Here is the direct MP3 […]

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Ebook Errors?

People who know about the inside working of big publishing, I need your help. I have been hearing people talk about ebook editions that appear to have OCR type errors in them. This sounded suspicious to me, in that “publishing can’t possibly be doing what I think they are doing” type way. I have now […]

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