Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for January 2017 – Crazy Monkey Brain

In this episode, I play a song from the Thermals, the first of a few; I talk about the civil rights era, and protest past and present; who are the inauguration protests for?; I don’t want to argue with anyone about; Eat to Live opposition is weird; Robert Scoble is the post-Trump model of an […]

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Evil Genius Chronicles Podcast for Aug 22 2015 – DDOP 19

In this episode, I answer a question about podcasting vs YouTube and whether it is going to replace other media? Here is the direct MP3 download for the Evil Genius Chronicles podcast, August 22, 2015 Links mentioned in this episode: Support this show on Patreon Christiana Ellis’ Five More Minutes show The Gillmor Gang Lives! […]

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Podcast Quality Vs. Engagement

A few years ago there was a blog frenzy on here about podcast production. I listened to a podcast where the host was demonstratiing how he made his show sound professional, with his Heil microphone and his compressor and effects chain. I listened to that show and in fact I thought that his show sounded […]

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Steve, It’s Open Source

Via Doug Kaye comes this link to a new version of the Gillmor Gang. This might well be the best one yet. I’m just waiting for the Andrew Keen puppet. Maybe I should build one and start competing with Feldman! Also on:

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The Continuing Death of Twitter

So I haven’t a created an original tweet over on Twitter – one that wasn’t either housekeeping or a reply to someone else – in a month. That mode of interaction exists entirely on my Friend Feed account now. Any tweets that do happen are exhortations to get followers to move over to FriendFeed with […]

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News Gang

Today I was invited to participate in a new Gillmor venture, the the News Gang. Steve’s always liked me despite whatever dicklike behavior I exhibit, so what could I do but say yes? Late in the afternoon I got a direct Twitter message from Steve inviting me. I was a little worried about the logistics […]

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