What’s on my Headphones?

People in my neighborhood that see me walking my dog with headphones on. They might imagine a guy like me rocking out to Blue Oyster Cult or Black Sabbath in my cans. Little do they know, I’m listening to Gregg Schigiel talk to Chris Staros about the history of Top Shelf Comix. Also on:Facebook Twitter

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Top Shelf Comix $3 Sale for 2014

Every fall, Top Shelf Comics has a massive blowout sale on their inventory. It works out that these comics are enjoyed by not only me but Punkin as well. It is fortuitous that the same company puts out From Hell, The Essex County trilogy but also Owly, Korgi and Johnny Boo. It is literally fun […]

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Eddie Campbell on Becoming Things

I’m at this moment listening to writer and artist Eddie Campbell get interviewed on Inkstuds. This is good timing as I just picked up 9 of his Alec and Bacchus books from the Top Shelf $3 sale (still 2 days left.) He just made an amazing quote on starting up new pursuits and committing to […]

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Top Shelf Comix

I don’t remember seeing their booth but surely Top Shelf Comix was displaying at Dragon*Con. One of the principals lives in Marietta, so it seems ridiculous not to. It’s that time of the year when Top Shelf has their big blowout sale, and are selling a number of their graphic novels at discounts and 97 […]

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