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Got mail from Bill St. Clair, who added me to the BlogMax links page
today. Thanks, Bill!

I meant to do an entry or two during the day, but I didn’t. I was
planning to set up every computer that I use during the day with the
mode and my templates, but that didn’t work. I carried the stuff to
work with me on a Zip disk, and there isn’t a single Zip drive in my
office! If I had thought this through, I’d have set up my Linux box
first, and solely blogged from it. If I want to make an entry, I ssh
in and go for it. I still might do that. I’m also going to make some
shortcuts to icons. I was going to hunt some up, but I think instead
I’ll just steal them from the
topics page. Those already have the associations I want
to the demographic that reads weblogs anyway.

And, to add to my dumbass day, I locked myself out of the house
walking the dog. Wowza.

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