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Back home after our power trip to Augusta. Much cooing and googooing
and other baby fun was had by all. I was quite the baby hog, and sang
to her quite a bit, mostly “Two of Us” by the Beatles and
“Hallelujah”, the Leonard Cohen song. I also fed and burped, the only
man present who seemed to want to do this. I’m in touch with my
caretaker nature!

Music TopicToday’s band of the day is a new discovery for me. This year,
on Superbowl Sunday we went to
Eddie’s Attic
in Decatur to a benefit show for Circle of Grace
Church. There were a lot of great bands (including one that I’m
keeping up my sleeve for a killer future BOTD). Yesterday’s band, Michelle Malone played, as did the
fabulous Gentle Readers. I
remained flummoxed at how I missed hearing about this band. They are
unbelievably good. We picked up their album You in Black and
and still need to get their most recent. I must have
listened to YIB&W one hundred times since January. Their record
company has MP3s available for YIB&W and
their newest one Hi
. Seriously, check out the song “California” and listen to
the lyrics. They are all about getting screwed by record companies! In
this RIAA driven world, this song gets more relevant every
day. Besides that, it is catchy as all hell! This band is an A-one,
bonafide wonderful group. I wish I had the cash to buy $10,000 worth
of their records. I have been avoiding buying Hi
at a records story, hoping I could buy it at a show and
give them all the cash. I don’t think I can wait any longer,
though. Maybe I’ll just buy it and hand them a $20 when I see them.

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