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I just got home from a meeting of the executive staff at WREK. I
have proposed they have a “Grand reopening” and am pushing the ball to
get it rolling, at which point they are on their own and I’ll run away
like hell.

TV TopicThe VCD of the MST3K
episode worked well enough, although there were a number of irritating
things about it. The time was off, for one thing, such that the DVD
player thought the 96 minute episode was 77 minutes, and any time
search got scaled accordingly. Also, there were no chapter divisions,
even though I told the VCD program to make one every 5 minutes. The
picture quality was kind of bad, about what you’d expect with a 3rd or
4th generation VHS dub. There were plenty of MPEG artifacts and some
imperfections from the original tape (which was off the air and not
perfect either.) All in all, interesting but I’m not planning on doing
many more.

I’m not sure how early the earliest episode I’ve seen is, but I had
never seen Josh Weinstein as “Larry”, Dr. Forrester’s assistant. The
episode I watched was early in the run (2nd of the first season) and
they weren’t really clicking. I didn’t particularly like JW as Tom
Servo and thought the comments weren’t nearly as funny as I was used
to. The best one was when someone started on fire and Crow remarked
“Immolation is the sincerest form of flattery.” I’ve already
downloaded an episode from season 8, and I’ll try that one and that
might be it for this experiment.

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