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Back at work. I don’t really feel that much better, but this is the
best I’m going to get anytime soon. Water, OJ, Sudafed and then let it
roll. There seems to be two major camps in sickness vs. work
issues. There is the “Sick days are for wussies” camp, of which my
boss is a proponent. These are the people who think that it would be
such a productivity hit to not work for a day that they come in ill
and infect everyone else, causing the loss of many workdays across
many people. The other school is the “Why should I schlep in ill for
this? That’s my philosophy.

Maybe this is just because I am sick and cranky, but almost everyone
is bugging me lately. This is coworkers, friends, people online,
people on mailing lists, people offline, everyone. I’m so sick of
having the same few arguments over and over on the same subjects over
and over with the same few people. I’m ceasing to argue on every
subject indefinitely. I’m not an evangelist, so I’ve decided that I
don’t give a shit about changing anyone’s mind on anything for a
while. Believe what you want to believe, do what you want to
do. Maybe one day I’ll resume, but not now.

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