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I did get the lawn mowed yesterday, so that was good. I’m not
embarrassed walking into the front door now.

TV TopicWe rented Sopranos, season three, volume two this weekend. I like Joe
Pantoliano on this show. I like him in everything, but his character
Ralph just emanates such bad vibes that I’m suprised he is still
alive, particularly after his brutal beating of one of the dancers in
the parking lot of the Bada Bing. I cringe every time he is on screen,
even more so than I did for Richie Aprile. I also remain amazed at how
completely unsympathetic they are willing to make the main
characters. The scene where Tony confronts Angie Bompencero, smashing
out her car windows with a bat and giving the impression he was going
to kill her dog, was a good example of that. Another was when Carmella went
to the hard-assed therapist who refused to hear any excuses about her
complicity in the gangster lifestyle. We have to face the fact
that after we finish the second half of season three, we have a year
or more to wait to see any more.

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